What Do They Say About Arizona's Leading Youth Basketball Development Organization?

"After being a part of three various youth basketball organizations within Arizona, I can say with confidence that Hoop Code offers an experience different from any other basketball academy! Not only do they teach the fundamentals and improve skill sets, but they motivate and enable each child to meet their full potential. As a mother, I most admire the enthusiasm, dedication and discipline each coach gives. They truly make an impact and are determined to instill good character traits that will demonstrated both on and off the court. Tonight, my 9 year old son trained with 4 coaches during the Power Hour Clinic and loved it! The overall structure and high level training proved to be beyond both of our expectations. He can't wait to go back!"

Amber D.  

"I played sports my whole life and have 5 kids. Hoop Code is easily the most professional coaching organization I have ever experienced. They work on the most important skills and the kids don't know that they are working. The kids are ALWAYS moving, and doing things to make them better. None of this constant standing in long lines waiting for their turn, or listening to speeches. They push the kids in completely positive ways to be their best and work harder. My only dislike is that they only coach basketball. This is the way kids learn best."

Scott G

Coach Sean, Coach Brandon, Coach Lance and the entire Hoop Code Coaching Team will take your young athlete to the next level. But most important they practice and emphasize what they teach. Character - Opportunity - Dedication - Education. Our son looks forward to every practice. He enjoys the coaches and the style they bring to the court. They push the athlete to get a little more out of them every time emphasizing on building strong Character and Dedication to work hard for what you want. We are very fortunate to have the Opportunity to learn and grow with Hoop Code. Thank You Guys for all your hard work. dedication.

Marty K. 

"My son has been playing basketball since kindergarten, and of all the leagues and clubs he has played with, Hoop Code is by far the best. The coaches are amazing, disciplined, experienced and passionate about the game of basketball. We are so happy they came to Phoenix!!"

Marianna S.  

 "The coaches are very intense and professional. They inspired our son to work harder and pay more attention to the details in the game of basketball. Would I recommend Hoop Code? Absolutely! Sean is not only a great coach, but a great person. He embodies the qualities we want to encourage in our own son. Thank you for all of these years of pouring your heart into the kids, the program, and the game - much love!"

Beth I.   

"This has been a great & positive experience! Tough & disciplined which is how any student athlete should be guided! The coaches are very hands on & participate in the drills, correct kids along the way, & kids are pushed to their limits to ensure they are working hard & not just out their goofing off. Hard work & discipline & it shows in my sons game. He has played basketball but not to the level of what Hoop Code offers & that’s why I love this organization & will continue to support its efforts! Keep up the great work!"

Roya F.   

"As a single father of two boys, and trying to teach them to be well rounded citizens in this world and our community, I can't recommend Hoop Code enough! It does take a village to raise our children and I strongly suggest these guys to be a part of your village. Great program for our youth on and off the court!"

Josh L.  

"Hoop Code provides highly effective basketball training from professional coaches. It also provides a positive environment for my young boy. Hoop Code is an organization that truly cares about the development and well being of the kids. The best youth basketball program around."

Dave W.  

"At Hoop Code your going to enjoy the development aspect, all round ball'n experience. Coaches are great, motivating, fast past training with the time given."

Ryder R. 

"Hoop Code is a great organization with awesome knowledgeable coaches!!"

Walter P.  

"High level training, excellent coaches."

Dave P.  

"Excellent skills training for children interested in playing basketball"

Christy W.  

"Awesome program for kids at every level."

Christina H. 

"High intensity training, high expectations, and high level coaching. These coaches care and take the time to develop individual players."

Mechelle P.   

"Great coaches! Not only interested in their performance on the court but also in school and challenges that they might be facing! Great experience, thank you."

Debbie M.  

"I wish there clinics like this when I was a kid. It is so fun! Upbeat energy, old school basketball jams playing during the clinics and conditioning, and great sports psychology lessons sandwiched between real skills work. It’s awesome."

Stevie N.  

"Hoop Code is a great training program and organization for school aged kids. I love how the coaches and staff are so invested in these children. I personally know Coach Brandon and Coach Sean, and it's amazing to be able to witness the enthusiasm that they have when coaching. My husband and I currently don't have children, however, we have already decided that when we do, we want them to be apart of Hoop Code because it is a family oriented organization."

Shawndrea B.  

"New program with the best quality!!! Top notch training and coaches."

Christopher B.    

"Our son is in his second season playing for Hoop Code. I can tell you his skills have gotten significantly better, his confidence is increasing and his LOVE for the game grows with each week that goes by!! Coach Sean, Coach Brandon, and Coach Lee are amazing coaches with great passion, patience and drive!! So glad to be a part of this program!!"

Debi S.    

"Coach Brandon and the rest of the Hoop Code coaches are extremely motivated and passionate about basketball and life. They are committed to teaching others the game and instill life values in them through the game of basketball. Coach Brandon is a great coach and a wonderful person with ambition and passion in his heart for kids and their overall development. Although I’m sad to see him go, I strongly recommend Coach Brandon and the other Hoop Code coaches moving forward in Arizona. We wish them nothing but the best!"

Nikila D.      

"Amazing, energetic, inspiring, positive, powerful, compelling, and supportive are some of the words I like to use when I think about these guys! Coach Sean and his staff always challenged my son and really caused him to dig deeper to maximize his full potential. For that, I would absolutely recommend Hoop Code to anyone who inspires to be great. I loved their energy, attitude, teaching skills, basketball knowledge skill, and willingness to work with my son, whose basketball level was not as high as the rest of the boys, yet he still encouraged and coached him. They have had a very positive impact on so many kids. I’m sad to see them go!"

Amelia T.    

"I think Sean is a very talented coach and his positive coaching techniques work very well. My son (Blake) has worked on and off with Sean for years and has always appreciate Sean's coaching/mentoring style. He is one of the few coaches my son regularly returns to and speaks favorably of. Coming from a teenage boy, this is high praise. These coaches get to know each player on an individual basis, and works to tailor his motivation to each child. We are sorry to lose Sean but are most certain a new city will now get the benefit of his talent and expertise. His coaching style is positively infectious and we hope his new families will appreciate him as much as we have."

Deborah M.    

"Coach Sean and the rest of the Hoop Code coaches are full of energy and they challenge these young athletes to strive to be better players every day. No doubt they will be successful with their new endeavor because of there passion and work ethic they possess."

Paul N.     

"Coach Sean and the rest of the coaching staff are very positive, energetic and challenging. My son’s confidence, basketball skills and IQ improved dramatically. If your child is willing to work hard and really enhance his game then I would strongly recommend Coach Sean and his academy."

John E.   

"The coaches are intense and positive. They have improved not only my son’s skill set but his confidence as well. Coach Sean has had tremendous impact on my son and he will be truly missed in the Bay Area. We wish him and the other Hoop Code coaches all the best!" 

Vince K.     

"These coaches are 100% dedicated to these kids. They are the true example that hard work does pay off at the end. The education and professionalism given to all of students is beyond belief. Coach Sean instills that "anything is possible" mentality for every kid and the potential of what they can be. The best training and coaching staff I've seen by far!"

Steve W.    

“Coach Brandon and the other coaches always went the extra mile in every training session to make sure my son was doing drills correctly and really learning how to play the game the right way. They not only teach basketball but they instill discipline and how it can relate off the court. My son really loves Coach Brandon and the passion he shows for their growth and development. These guys are a true example of what coaches should be. I only wish I lived in Arizona so we can continue to train with Coach Brandon and these great team of coaches.”

Michael B.   

"Coach Sean’s training was a great balance of work and fun. His workouts were challenging and motivating. My son looked forward to working out with the coaches, and we saw improvements in his work ethic and intensity. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone and everyone. The coaches are able to evaluate a player's strengths and areas which need improvement and customize a workout to address all aspects of his/her game. We believe that Coach Sean's new program in Arizona will be excellent. With this staff you will find great coaches, trainers, and fantastic role models."

Jen C.  

"The coaches encourage the children to work hard and focus on individual/team skills. They promote positive attitude and hard work. They find ways to encourage your kid to play and work hard during basketball practices and workouts.  I definitely recommend Coach Sean and his new program. Continue your awesome coaching Sean. Your high level of training helps give kids a goal to reach."

Chun H.    

"The coaches provide very intense skill development training. The coaches train not only the skill set but believe in really building the mental skill set as well. High quality coaches with great energy. I love the relationships they build with the players and parents alike. Truly a family like atmosphere."

Bimal P.      

"The coaches promote energy, effort, and doing things the right way. They continue to be positive and always smiling. Coach Sean is fun and is a great person to be around!"

Chris I.    

"Coach Sean is great! The coaches are extremely positive but yet tough. The coaches are knowledgeable and have great ethics. I strongly recommend Coach Sean and the rest of the coaching staff."

Kendra B.     

"Coach Sean and the rest of the coaches are incredible! I can't begin to tell you how much my son has grown on and off the court. They really emphasize developing the whole kid (Mind, Body, & Skill Set) which has led my son to be more confident on and off the court. For that I will forever be grateful for Coach Sean. Arizona is extremely lucky to have such great coaches."

Roni N.    

"I have not seen any thing better in my 47 years of living. The coaches are amazing and are really passionate about transforming these young athletes as a whole. I seen the impact they have had on my son and I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these kids get a paid education just in the high level basketball training they receive alone."

Jason A.

"Their methods of training their players to be the best they can be has not only transformed my son to be a really good basketball player but has helped build his confidence both on the basketball court and off the court. Arizona watch out because this type of training is something you have never seen before! I strongly recommend Coach Sean and his coaching staff moving forward in his new location."

Jeff W.    

"The coaches have made a big impression on me as a parent and on my son. The clinics, camps, and leagues are second to none! The conditioning and training they employ in all aspects of the game from overall Basketball IQ to building confidence is truly remarkable. Excited to see the impact they have in Arizona."

Donovan H.     

"Coach Brandon and the rest of the coaches definitely pay heavy attention to detail and work wonders for my child. His game tremendously improved after just two seasons. I love their passion and love for the game. Coaches with this type of character and experience goes a long way towards helping young athletes achieve their basketball goals."

Walter B.    

"Coach Sean has transformed my two boys basketball skills!  I cannot thank him and his team enough for helping my kids to improve their techniques, teaching them to be great team players, and most importantly, building up their confidence level in both sports and in school. I'm sad to see him go but very happy for him and I wish him well in his new journey." 

Lisa W.    

"My sons have been training with Coach Sean for the past two years and they have definitely improved in all aspects of their game.  It makes a world of difference to train with a consistent core team of coaches who know the game and have played the game at a high level. My son quoted Coach Sean the other day at home saying "We don't GO through it, we GROW through it" We will miss you coach!"

Maria K.  

"The coaches are intense and they really show the kids the true definition of hard work and what it takes to get to the next level. Coach Sean will push them to be the best they can be on and off the court. I wish nothing but success for Coach Sean in Arizona. Good luck coach!"

Kalon H.  

"My son has undoubtedly become a better basketball player as a result of his hard work and training with these amazing coaches. But more than that, he has grown as a person and made lasting relationships with kids and coaches. I know the impact Coach Sean & Coach Brandon has had on my son will forever be instilled in him for the rest of his life. Sad to see them go but excited for their new journey in Arizona."

Mary N.